Real-time consumer discovery platform using computer vision technology

Using your CCTV IP Camera infrastructure connected to the cloud.

For Retail, Consumer Connect in Real-Time, Operations Efficiency etc.

  • Fully automated system.
  • Use existing CCTV IP camera infrastructure for Realtime analytics .
  • Plug and Play: CCTV IP Camera directly to the cloud .
  • Face Recognition, Motion detection, Pattern Recognition, Color Recognition and OCR .
  • Granular data collection on all footfalls.
  • Client dashboard Access( Real Time).

Future Proof

your organisation

Trackometrix is a plug and play product where the CCTV IP cameras are
connected directly to the cloud.



Future Proof your organisation

Retailers are lost of in-depth customer insight on individual footfalls like age, gender, mood, time & date of visits, repeat vs unique, footfalls vs revenue conversion


Future Proof your organisation

Retailers are unable to track effectiveness of displays and accurately track and measuring dwell time, mood time, interest, intent and purchase conversion


Future Proof your organisation

Automate SOP compliance to streaming process and check compliance.

Supply chain

Future Proof your organisation

Retailers con not replenish effectively because they don’t have transparency across organization hindering strategic decisions beacause everyone is in their own little silo

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