Merchandising and marketing professionals can gain a competitive advantage and use tools similar to those that on-line businesses have used for years to measure the effectiveness of various strategies. From a marketing perspective, understanding the effectiveness of various campaigns as compared to each other and year over year are critical. Understanding which sales levers are being activated by each campaign can help drive store and company performance. Driving traffic, average spend and conversion are important components to help build a variety of marketing initiatives like new acquisition, walk by vs walk in or brand loyalty. Merchandising effectiveness is equally important in understanding customer responsiveness to a particular product or display. Specific, factual data allow retailers to optimize displays, resulting in better sales and profit performance. Trackometrix allows measurable data points with clear visibility into the full path of purchase, starting from the outside store environment with the windows through the journey inside the store, including departments, aisles, displays, fixtures, and end-caps. From outside your store, attract and draw customers into the store by creating window displays that stimulate shopper action and interest. Trackometrix helps you understand the impact of different window displays by providing customer metrics:

  • Shopper exposure, which gives retailers the number of shoppers who pass by a window display
  • Shopper engagement, which offers retailers information on how many people stop at the window display
  • Passerby traffic as compared to shoppers that enter the store
  • Exposure, engagement, and passerby traffic compared to store performance metrics, allowing a full understanding of the impact of marketing initiatives
  • Unique versus returning visitors to your store
  • Visit length and customer segmentation of shopping trips
  • Exposure, which measures the number of shoppers who pass a specific area. High exposure areas are a great way to communicate brand messaging or key product information.