Building a successful Loyalty program requires data-driven insights, strategic planning and flawless execution. Trackometrix as a product has the power to integrate and manage marketing elements in "Real Time" to create programs that help clients achieve their loyalty objectives. Trackometrix is non intrusive and empowers the retailer to choose consumers who qualify for the program. The next generation system gives retailers real time information and alerts on consumers who have entered, browsed, purchased, exited, abandoned etc Consumer relevance cannot be episodic. Maintaining relevance continuously as consumers move seamlessly from one interaction point to the next is a new demand of the digital age. The imperative for consumer relevance requires a brand to harness deep contextual knowledge about each consumer and apply it intelligently to create persuasive experiences at every touchpoint. This ability to be "relevant at scale", will determine which brands win and which brands get lost in the war for consumer attention. In recent years, the most significant advance in the marketing domain has been the marketer's ability to take his relationship with the customer from an undifferentiated broadcast to a personalized dialogue and extend this to a large scale. With this, brands are engaging millions of customers with one-to-one interactions that detect, recognize and reward these individuals differentially; and learn from such interactions to enhance customer value based on an individual's Product Affinity, Market Basket Analysis and information on past purchases.