The customer satisfaction is very critical part of retail and Trackometrix has all the tools but a very critical part of understanding consumer behavior is understanding how consumers react in a retail environment. To understand visual behavior it is important to track moods and how people to react to various environments, products, temperature, sound, lights etc. Mood analytics establishes factors responsible for customer-delight in retail settings, as identified. The intent is to investigate the association between shoppers' mood states induced by retail settings at the point of purchase, and customer delight arising thereof. The results of regression analysis clearly indicated a strong relationship between the two.

Trackometrix proprietary SAAS currently tracks 6 moods of individuals. Trackomerix mood analytics tracks

  • Happy footfalls
  • Sad footfalls
  • Angry footfalls
  • Anxious footfalls
  • Normal footfalls
  • Surprised footfalls