Count potential customers that enter your store and track conversion rate to measure performance

Detect, tag, track, Measure, manage and improve footfall, conversion and sales with an accurate, intuitive and easy-to-use solution. Today’s retail reality demands that brick-and-mortar stores no longer compete on product, price, and availability alone. They must also provide a better customer experience. Traffic counting is critical for addressing this challenge, and retailers are rapidly adopting in-store analytics to gain deeper insights about shoppers at the door and throughout the store. RetailNext Traffic Counting and Conversion, the most advanced retail traffic counting technology and analytics solution available, goes beyond other simple retail traffic counters and provides data throughout the store. With this data, Store Operations Managers gain access to powerful shopping analytics uncovering insights on shopper behavior throughout the store, which drive significant gains to conversion rates and average transaction value.

How is trackomterix Different?

Trackometrix does not use inaccurate and obsolete counters. Trackometrix allows for retailers to use existing CCTV IP camera infrastructure. Footfall insights go above and beyond just counting the number of people walking through a door. Trackometrix detects every footfall walking into the outlet and tags the footfall with a unique id, once the unique id has been assigned the footfall was assignd with an age, and gender bracked, from there on Trackometrix keep’s tracking the return and behavior of the footfall. The data collected means you can make informed and reliable decisions on staff optimisation, trend analysis and occupancy levels. These factors will drive up conversion rates and improve store.

Questions the module will help you answer

  • How many visitors am I getting, which are unique and which are repeat?
  • How well did the promotion really work?
  • How can we measure Sales Conversion rates?
  • Did our advertising increase footfall and sales conversion rates?
  • How can we plan for peaks and troughs in footfall, occupancy, pedestrian flows or retail traffic?
  • How can we schedule staff to improve and maximise customer service?
  • How can I manage the occupancy of live events?
  • How can we accurately compare retail metrics across multiple locations?
  • How efficiently is our building being used?