Shoppers hate to queue. Extensive research proves that queuing at the checkout is the number one cause of customer dissatisfaction in retailing. Conversely, short queues – and critically, the expectation of short checkout queues – are key ways to build customer loyalty and encourage spending.

TrackoMetrix Que Management and Service Time solution empowers your frontend staff to put the right employee at the right place at the right time. Armed with actual wait times for each customer in line, accurate queue length, and predicted wait times across all queues, your staff can now use data to improve customer service and optimize labor allocation, even in real time.

Improve customer satisfaction and profitability

  • Reducing queuing and Make effective use of checkout staff and customer service representatives
  • Improve customer service, increase customer retention and shopping frequency
  • Reduce queues, increase shopping time and basket size
  • Improve profitability through greater sales
  • Optimise staffing costs and deployment of personnel around the store
  • Automate and measure queue performance against service and productivity targets
  • Measure cart abandonment